Information platform Weststadt Giessen (Action E 11) - finished

In the west of Gießen, wet meadows were created in 2007 as part of flood protection measures. The areas are connected to the river Lahn via channel systems. Depending on the water level of the Lahn, the areas are more or less flooded. Numerous species of water-dependent birds and amphibians, some of which are rare, utilize the areas on a regular basis. Migratory birds rest here in spring and autumn on their long journeys. Other species stay over the summer to breed and raise offspring. Storks strut through the damp grassland. 

Financed by the "Living Lahn" project, an information platform with a graphoscope and explanatory panels for the renaturation area was set up on the adjacent, heavily frequented bank path, so that passers-by can observe the occuring species and receive more detailed information. The platform was handed over to the public by District President Dr. Ullrich on May 8, 2019 in the context of a nature conservation experience day.