Lahn flood plain between Atzbach and Giessen (Action C 14)

In the Natura2000 area "Lahn flood plain between Atzbach and Gießen" measures from the Natura 2000 action plan are to be implemented.

The Natura2000 site mainly protects endangered bird species that breed or rest in the area. Almost all of them depend on humid meadows and dynamic alluvial structures. The measures to be taken are, for example, the growing of alluvial forest, the connection of backwaters to the Lahn river (see also Action C 6B), an improvement of the river bed structures and a re-use of irrigation weirs for meadows.

In June 2020, a land consolidation procedure was initiated in parts of the municipalities of Heuchelheim, Lahnau and Wetzlar in order to resolve threatening conflicts of land use and to reconcile measures for water body development and nature conservation with an improvement in the agricultural structure in the project area.

The planning of individual measures was begun in 2022. The implementation will take place in the next few years and, in addition to funds from "Living Lahn", will be financed by funds from the Integrated Climate Protection Plan Hesse (IKSP) and federal funds for rural areas (GAK funds).


Natura 2000-Area "Lahn flood plains between Atzbach and Gießen”
Bird protection area (red) and overlapping FFH area (green) "Lahn flood plains between Atzbach and Gießen” Source: WRRL-Viewer