Ecological upgrading of the lock island of Fürfurt and restoration of ecological patency (Action A 6, C 9 and E 9)

It is foreseen to ecologically enhance the lock Fürfurt, to restore the linear patency and to improve diversity of biotopes and species at the river Lahn by realizing a morphological transformation of parts of the sluice island and adjoining areas. The two existing fish ladders will be re-constructed as well.

Beside the sluice island, adjacent shore areas and selected foreland areas will be included in the measure as well.


Specific objectives and contents of this action are:

• Promoting typical (alluvial) vegetation by replacing non-typical trees

• Preservation, safeguarding and creation of unsealed shore sections

• Reducing disturbing factors for avifauna at the island and in the riparian areas

• Better integration of shipping facilities (for use by water tourism) into the landscape

• Transfer of intensively used arable and grassland into extensively used grassland (land purchase of alluvial plains downstream)


In order to achieve this, a detailed inventory and intensive negotiations have to be carried out in order to allow for further planning.

The aerial photograph shows the current situation at the Fürfurt lock.

Aerial photo of the sluice island of Fürfurt (source: WSA Koblenz)