Ecological upgrading of lock island Fürfurt and restoration of the ecological continuity (Action A 6, C 9 and E 9 - ongoing)

The barrage Fürfurt (Lahn-km 51,200) was constructed from 1856 till 1859. Its two fishways built with "Lahn-marble" are the oldest fish passages in the river system. Due to the age of the barrage there are several ecological deficiencies like the impassable double weir next to the hydropower plant. The Waterways and Shipping Office Mosel-Saar-Lahn (WSA MSL) will improve the ecological status of this section by restoring the ecological continuity, realizing a morphological transformation of parts of the lock island as well as adjacent shore areas and selected foreland areas. Furthermore, it is planned to integrate the lock Fürfurt into the landscape and to coordinate leisure tourism in oder to avoid disturbance of the species.


Specific objectives and contents of this action are for example the promoting of typical (alluvial) vegetation by replacing non-typical trees as well as the preservation, safeguarding and creation of unsealed shore sections. All these measures will contribute to an ecological upgrading of the barrage and therefore to improved diversity of biotopes and avifauna. 


Several preliminary plannings and option surveys have been carried out through the first years. Detailed plannings concerning the ecological upgrading and the restoration of the ecological continuity are envisaged for 2023 and the following years.