Goals of the LIFE-IP project "LiLa Living Lahn - one river, many demands"

The first main objective of the Lila - Living Lahn project is to enhance the ecological health and connectivity of the river itself while simultaneously enriching the quality of life along the river. The second main objective is to develop an overall concept, the so-called "Lahn-Concept", which takes into account the further ongoing use as a federal waterway as well as water ecology and revitalization aspects and flood protection. The dialogue oriented process of developing the Lahn Concept involves the relevant administrations from different sectors and levels and all stakeholder groups affected by possible changes.


Further objectives are:

•Implementation of measures for restoring the linear patency in different types of locks and weirs, thus leading to a direct improvement of the water-bound habitats and their different animal and plant species.

•Restoration of natural retention areas and their self-regulation

•Identification of pollution sources and their elimination in order to improve the water quality •Improving the structural diversity in weir-regulated river stretches

•Promotion of sustainable tourism offers e.g. inthe field of canoeing/rowing by constructing new portage sites as well as by providing the Lahn appfor better planning of leisure activities.

•Improving administrative cooperation and systematic training of employees on issues of water protection and river management

•Transparent dialogue with all interested stakeholders in the sense of a lively and multi-faceted Lahn