Optimization of the transfer facilities for "muscle-powered water tourism" (Action C 2 - ongoing)

The Waterways and Shipping Office Mosel-Saar-Lahn (WSA MSL) will improve the possibilities for canoe tourists at barrages Ahl and Limburg by renovating and reconstructing the drop-off and recovery points as well as the portage paths. This is neccessary in times when the locks are not occupied or out of order. The users (rowers, canoeists and kayakers) will be provided with user-friendly and safe portage sites to overcome existing barrages beyond the official operating times of the locks.


The entrance and exit points for the transfer of smaller sport boats at weir Ahl and Limburg are simple staircases with long walking distances which are difficult to use. A platform in front of the exit and insertion points and a modified path will ease the transfer of small boats for all water tourists. The use of natural building materials allows a near-natural design and better integration into the existing terrain.

Existing transfer device at the lock Ahl
Existing transfer device at the lock Ahl (source: WSA MSL)
Example of a user-friendly boat ramp at the Lahn (source: WSA MSL)